Cheerleading is the Best – Marina age 12

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Have you ever wanted to attempt a sport but can’t find one that suits you? Maybe you’ve tried soccer but it’s just too rough for you? Maybe you’re not looking hard enough? Well look no more, because cheerleading is definitely the right sport for you! Cheerleading is a positive fun sport that you must try. You can make new friends and gain more confidence, whether you’re a boy or girl. I know you might think “Cheerleading isn’t my thing”, but that’s what I thought when my mum suggested it and yet here I stand as a competitive cheerleader.

Making new friends leads to absolute happiness.  Imagine you’re a flyer, waiting to be thrown in the air. You hear the coach count “5,6,7, dip 1…”, the bases shoot you up into the air.  You are a rocket flying through space, but as soon as you get up there you start plummeting down to the ground. You see death flash before your very eyes, then suddenly, the bases catch you. You’re as safe as a joey in its mother’s pouch. The coach says, “Trust everyone in your team and you will make new friends.” That’s right. You do make new friends in cheerleading. I only started 8 weeks ago this year and I’m already friends with obviously everyone in my class. You might be asking, “But how do I make new friends?” Well, according to my knowledge, if you trust a person, they most certainly will trust you back, and when you trust each other, you bond and make an unbreakable friendship.  Cheerleading is all about trusting one another because if you don’t, you do the stunt wrong, and someone can get hurt.  But if you trust one another you do the stunt right and you’ll have a flawless performance and gain more confidence.  In fact, gaining more confidence is my next point.

Confidence is the main key to having fulfilling life.  According to my research, the average person has only 49% confidence in themselves and others.  With cheerleading you most definitely will boost your confidence to 100%.  You will increase it by being a base or a flyer.  By being a base the children around you completely trust you and you gain more confidence in yourself.  If you’re a flyer on the other hand its harder to boost confidence, but the outcome is so much more rewarding.  You are so high up that NASA thinks you’re the first woman to visit the moon! You also must fully rely on the bases to catch you and it develops a great amount of trust in your bases.  To gain total confidence in yourself as a flyer you must believe in yourself.  Do that and you gain confidence in yourself and other people, which includes both genders.

Did you all think that I was JUST talking to girls?  Have you ever heard ‘boys don’t cheer’?  Well, boys can do cheerleading as well.  Of course, they don’t wear skirts like girls, but they have special costumes made for them.  Boys, you might be looking at me weirdly right now, but almost 50% of cheerleaders are male.  That’s right.  Almost 50%!  Did you also know that a male cheerleader is called a cheerleader?  There’s no difference!  That’s because cheerleading is a gender-neutral sport and can have any gender taking part! Also, boys can build more physical strength and get even more fit, while in the air-condition. So, if you thought that cheerleading was just for girls you are wrong.  Cheerleading is a great sport that ANY gender can participate in. If you hear anyone say that ‘boys don’t cheer’, tell them they are INCORRECT! Boys can cheer. So, try it out and see what you think!

In conclusion, cheerleading is a fun, supportive and active sport that you MUST try.  Remember that cheerleading isn’t about short skirts, long hair and pom poms.  It’s unquestionably a great way to make new friends of both genders and gain confidence. So, go home and ask your parents today to join cheerleading and have a fun and exciting experience!

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