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Feel The Thrill!

There is nothing like the rush of putting your hard work to the test in front of an audience and group of judges.

While our focus is always on fun and friendship, Dance 2XS encourages students who want to showcase their abilities to join our competitive cheer and dance teams. We complete regularly in Townsville and beyond.

To enquire about joining our competitive teams, please see our staff.

Competitive Cheer

Cheerleaders don't need wings to fly

Competitive cheerleading is an excellent progression for those who have been attending recreational cheerleading classes and are looking for the next step.

The athletes from our 2XS Cheer teams compete at competitions in Townsville, with our higher level teams also traveling to the Gold Coast for State and National competitions.

2XS athletes get access to the best resources, with fully accredited coaches and a competition level sprung gymnastics floor to train on.

Your child will train using the most up to date coaching techniques in the safest possible environment. They will build their skills and constantly challenge and improve themselves as they prepare for their competitions throughout the year.

Jazz, Contemporary & Pom

Got stars in your eyes?

Students who would like to seek a higher challenge and more performance opportunities can choose to join your dance team at competitions!

Performing together at competitions is a lot of fun and a highly rewarding experience. Students compete in both Jazz and Contemporary styles.

Jazz is a fun, energetic and popular dance style with kicks, turns, leaps and isolations that progress to short and long dance combinations. This popular and dynamic style is taught in a positive environment to all age groups.

Contemporary dance bridges the gap between jazz and ballet in a freeform, creative dance form that encourages creative thinking. The choreography often shares emotive storylines, encouraging students to express themselves through movements.

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