Let's See You Shake Your Tail Feather!

At Dance 2XS, we believe you’re never too old to have fun and get moving!

If you have always had a secret desire to give cheerleading a try, join our Pom class and get ready to have a blast.

Our adult classes also offer Tai Chi, Pilates and more. Take a look at what’s on offer below then enrol for a trial lesson.

Limba DanceFit

Get your hips shaking

Our Limba DanceFit class is for everyone, any age and any fitness level.

No dance experience required. Classes are easy to follow and heaps of fun. Feel the rhythm in this latin inspired dance fitness class that has a unique blended balance of cardio and muscle toning benefits.

Limba is fun, different, easy, effective, energising and addictive. It’s exercise in disguise!

To book a class contact Instructor Tracey Stead: 0410 405 528


Strengthen your muscles and core

Pilates is a low-impact, controlled workout focusing on strengthening the core and postural muscles as well as increasing flexibility. The exercises are performed with an emphasis on precision of movement and alignment with correct technique.

You can join in regardless of experience or ability. Take part in regular classes and you will notice the difference in your physique.

To book a class, contact Instructor Katrina: k.a.schaper@bigpond.com / 0409 627 752

Tai Chi & Qigong

Instructor Kay Barr, Australian Academy of Tai Chi & Qigong and World Taiji Boxing Assoc.

Tai Chi and Qigong are famous for their relaxation qualities and graceful movements. Underneath this veneer of carefree softness lies a fascinating art which has many facets.

Practicing Tai Chi can benefit your overall health and wellbeing with improvements in breathing, circulation, body alignment, balance, mental focus, coordination and it is the best weight-bearing exercise – not to mention the self defence aspect!

To book a class, contact Kay: www.imovewithoutpain.com / 0417 563 936

Somatic Exercise

Kay Barr, Certified Clinical Somatic Educator & Exercise Coach

If you are someone who has ‘tried everything’ to relieve your tight muscles or tension or maybe think that stiffness in your body is just a natural part of the ageing process it might surprise you to know that it’s the brain’s connection to the muscles and their ability to relax that is missing.

Somatics is about functional movement. This practice will allow you to move with freedom and ease in all of your hobbies and activities.


Somatics is a floor-based class which involves a series of gentle exercises. Practiced carefully and mindfully, these exercises help dissolve tightness in the body. This class is helpful if you are recovering from injury or if you want to minimise general aches and pains.

To book a class contact Kay: www.imovewithoutpain.com / 0417 563 936

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