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Develop Skills in a Fun and Encouraging Environment

The focus is on making friends and having fun!

Our welcoming and fun Cairns studios let students build their skills when it comes to acrobatic tumbling, cheerleading and dance.

As students grow, they begin to accomplish more complicated routines and tricks, while developing strong friendships with their fellow students. We focus on safety so each student can enjoy every class.

Get started with a trial class. Choose from the options below.

Musical Theatre

Sing, dance and act like a star!

What is Musical Theatre? Musical Theatre is all singing, dancing and acting! Students will learn popular songs from musicals from all time classics to modern movies. Once the lyrics are learnt, students will add movement and character to perfect an all round performance.

During our Musical Theatre class students will warm up vocally learning how to properly ensure their voice is ready for singing. Warm ups will be full of fun exercises and tongue twisters!

Our Musical Theatre class will suit any child who loves to sing and perform. Classes will be fun and encouraging, ensuring all students feel comfortable and confident in class.

Tumbling & Acrobatics

All ages from beginners to advanced levels

All training is done on our new gymnastic sprung floor in our purpose built tumbling studio.

Loved by students, our 9m air floor not only assists with safety, but adds loads of fun when learning new tricks. Rolls, handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, aerials, handsprings and tucks are just some of the skills students learn in class.

These classes are beneficial for cheerleaders, gymnasts and dancers as they help to improve strength, flexibility, balance, posture, as well as acrobatic ability. Each student works at their own pace in a safe and supportive environment.

The highest standards of safety are adhered to in classes while maintaining a great sense of FUN!

Recreational Cheerleading

Cheerleaders don't need wings to fly

Cheerleading is a challenging and dynamic team sport.

Dance 2XS’s fun recreational classes follow All Star guidelines and focus strongly on teamwork, fun and fitness. Students learn stunts, pyramids, tumbling, cheer routines and pom.

Our classes cater for both beginner and experienced students of all ages, and are loads of fun! You’ll have such a good time you will be cheering all the way home. Bring it on!

We have been the proud trainers of the well known NBL Cairns Taipans Mini Squad for 16 years.

Aerial Silks

The graceful art of acrobatics in the air

Aerial Silks is a graceful form of acrobatics which you do while hanging from drapes of fabric.

Everything you learn is initially close to the mat for your safety. As you gain strength and confidence, your instructor will encourage you to learn more advanced tricks.

Aerial Silks is one of the newest and most challenging, yet most awe inspiring aerial art forms. Great for strength, flexibility, creativity, building confidence and feeling exhilarated doing aerial tricks!

With small class sizes, everyone works at their own level in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Circus & Silks

Roll up! Roll up! The circus is coming to town! Circus & Silks is an exciting program which combines all the very best of circus from silks and lyra to juggling, hula hoops, balance, acrobatics and more. Circus is so much FUN! It is great for FITNESS, it’s all about making new FRIENDS, it’s great for FOCUS and it helps kids FEEL GOOD. Give it a go, anyone can do it! Circus & Silks is the starting step to join our levelled Aerial Silks classes.

Dance Combo

Just want to dance?

Our dance combo classes are the perfect place to learn several styles of dance all in one! Jazz is an energetic and popular dance style with kicks, turns and leaps. Hip hop is full of loads of cool moves dancing to the latest pop music. Ballet teaches discipline and expression through movement and Contemporary teaches character and story telling through slower music. Classes are fun and confidence building and are the perfect preparation for a lifelong love of dance.

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