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What Our Dance 2XS Family Has to Say

Our classes have helped thousands of students to dream, believe and succeed over the last 20 years.

We were looking for a club with options. We found the perfect one with Dance 2XS. With a great variety of classes, friendly and professional teachers and a welcoming, caring and fun atmosphere. My daughter started in a non-competitive dance class, participated in the Marlins and Taipans cheer squads and now, 12 years on, is a part of the competitive cheerleading team. She absolutely Loves It!

Mary Downer

Dance 2XS is not just a dance school – it is so much more than that! My daughter has been involved with the studio for the past few years and although her skills and ability improve all the time, her personal growth is just as valuable. All her enthusiastic and inspirational teachers demonstrate a high level of training and my daughter has learned so much from them. She learns the skills necessary for her discipline, but she also is developing her self-confidence, positive attitude, respect and kindness. Every staff member goes out of their way to create a safe and enjoyable environment. Dance 2XS is not just about dancing – it’s about being part of a family.

Kristina Cannon

This year will be the third year that my daughters have been involved in the Dance 2xs competitive cheer program. Not only have they made some great friends (as have I on the sidelines), but the confidence that they have gained through the program was definitely not something that I expected. My 7-year-old daughter was struggling academically and had really started to lose confidence and doubt herself. Within the first month or so of joining a cheer squad at Dance 2XS, she started to really come out of her shell, and now you might see her at the top of a Pyramid at a Cairns Taipans game, or competing on the big stage at the National Cheerleading Championships with biggest smile on her face and without a moment of self-doubt to be seen. Her confidence in herself and her passion for the sport is infectious. We are incredibly grateful for all the amazing coaches and staff at Dance 2XS for the culture that they have created within the studio, and their obvious passion for teaching our children. I can’t wait to see what this year brings for the girls and their teams

Kristy Santos

Lydia had been dancing for 3 years before joining Dance 2XS and the improvement in her skill and technique was almost immediate. Lydia loves her cheer and tumbling, and is relishing in being a part of her competitive cheer team. The nurturing environment created by her teachers and peers has really built her confidence. The growth we have witnessed from Lydia as a person and a dancer is remarkable. Our younger daughter Imogen has just started tiny tumbling and was very shy to start off with. I am so grateful to Kath for the time and effort she put into making her feel comfortable and within 3 weeks she is bouncing into class and loving it.

Nadine Pinto

My daughter started cheerleading at Dance 2xs about 3 years ago and loved it.  She then tried Modern and Contemporary dance and Tumbling and Acrobatics. And now she is part of a cheer team.  My daughter loves that it is fun, safe, happy and great exercise.  She enjoys being part of a team and loves to practice her routines at home.  I am amazed to see how much she has grown in confidence in her daily life since starting at Dance 2xs.  I highly recommend Dance 2xs to any parent whose child is interested in cheer, tumbling or dance.

Donna Pugh

My daughter has been a part of the Dance 2XS family for three years now and absolutely loves it! Her confidence has just grown and she has made some wonderful friends. The positivity of the teachers is very uplifting and they are so supportive and enthusiastic. I would highly recommend Dance 2XS to anyone it’s a lovely positive environment where everyone is welcome!

Renee Beckitt

My daughter has been dancing with Dance 2XS for almost 5 years now and she absolutely loves it. It really is an amazing dance studio with lots of different classes and the most amazing staff. It’s such a loving and caring environment and Kath and her teachers put in so much effort and are so friendly and caring. I’ve seen my daughter’s confidence and dance technique improve consistently in the time she has been at Dance 2XS and it has been a pleasure to be part of a dance studio that has been about the love of dance with plenty of fun and enjoyment.

Rebecca Taylor

Dance 2XS is such a beautiful dance school for kids of all ages. My daughter loves the being able to go dance with her friends and has learnt a lot different things she wouldn’t have known with opportunities such as the competition team.The teachers are amazing! They are so supportive and have so much passion with teaching the kids. I highly recommend Dance 2XS to anyone who wants a dance school that provide a fun, supportive and educational environment for your child.

Hiro Imamura

Dance2XS is such a loving, caring and positive environment with amazing teachers. My daughters started recreational dance and tumbling here when they were 10 years old. They were absolute beginners, so the fun-focused class really helped them develop their love for dance and skills while making great friendships. The teachers are very experienced, professional and friendly. I saw my daughters’ confidence and dance skills develop consistently at Dance 2XS. Thank you so much for providing such an amazing place!

Mami Osada

Cheer & dance is Hanna’s life and Dance 2XS is her home. She has been loving it with her wonderful team mate and teachers. We love to watch their performance in the competition and the dance concert.

Ryoko Sheardown

Our daughter has been with Dance 2XS since she was 5-years-old and she is now 13. During those 9 years Miss Kath and other teachers have been always there for her. They have taught her not only great dancing, tumbling and cheerleading skills but being respectful and kind to each other. She’s been enjoying working with her beautiful and positive team members to achieve their goals as well. I’m sure she has been and will cherish every moments of being the part of Dance 2XS team!

Chinatsu Barnes

Our girls have been cheering with Dance 2XS for almost 10 years! They love their cheer family. As they have gotten older and their skills progressed Dance 2XS have offered so many opportunities including Taipans and Marlins mini-squads and more recently through their competitive cheer program. They love the challenge of learning new skills but most importantly the teamwork and friendships formed with their coaches and the other athletes at Dance 2XS are invaluable. I love that cheer is such an inclusive sport and the team at Dance 2XS encourage everyone to give it a go by making it fun without too much pressure.

Katrina Chapman

My daughter started at Dance 2XS at the age of 6 in a recreational cheer class. It was this same year that her love for cheer started developing and now over 5 years later, is her biggest passion. Thanks to Kath and her team of passionate teachers, they’ve nurtured my daughter into developing her skills both on and off stage. They have also provided her with opportunities along the way, from performance team experience with the Cairns Taipans and Cairns Marlins, to competition cheerleading and leadership development through the DanceStep program. The tumbling room is full of state of the art equipment to help teachers develop skills and there’s always a smile on my daughters face every time she finishes a class from her pure enjoyment. Dance 2XS is a wonderful environment for any child to discover the world of dancing.

Renee Accatino

My daughter has been a part of the Dance 2XS family since 2015. Due to the wonderful staff and environment at Dance 2XS, I have watched her grow in confidence, improve her skills and compete at a National level! Dance 2XS offers a high standard of cheer and dance as well as emphasis on support, teamwork, friendship and enjoyment.

Karen Cartwright

Lanaya has been enrolled since 2016. She absolutely loves all aspects that Dance 2XS provides – it is a great way to make friends, to grow and develop personally, athletically as a dancer and with the opportunities to go further. Overall, very friendly staff, parents and students.

Sondra Lively

I highly recommend Dance 2XS. My girls are in their 3rd year of attendance and just love being a part of this community. The teachers are great, friendly, resourceful and motivating. There is a high level of training & passion for dance demonstrated by the teachers and director Kath, who is very hands on and positive, always encouraging them to believe in themselves and try their best. Altogether my two children are in a cheer squad including acro & also attend aerial silks, they love being a part of the dance concert, and love the friends they have in class. They really dislike it when school holidays come around and class isn’t on! Overall, the other students are also wonderful, there is a great vibe and culture of respect, friendship and support at Dance 2XS. It’s great to see their confidence & skills grow.

Misty Johnson

I have been a happy member of the Dance 2XS family since 2012. I have watched my daughter blossom into a confident and skilled cheerleader and dancer. She is encouraged and supported by exceptionally caring and devoted teachers who have developed a very special relationship with her. Through the club she has been a member of the Mini Taipan Squad, many beautiful dance concerts and has competed at regional and state level competitions. My daughter has also made life long friends that share her passion and many of her happiest memories. Thank you Kath and your wonderful team.

Christine Cross

My daughter has been lucky enough to have been part of the Dance 2XS family for more than 5 years. I have found Kath to be a genuine, caring teacher who really has the best interests of her students at heart. Dance 2XS has provided a wonderful opportunity for my daughter to be part of a team, doing things she loves such as, dancing and cheerleading. This has really helped her get through the tumultuous teen years. It gave her self-confidence and a belief in herself that she could not have got anywhere else. I highly recommend Dance 2XS as a friendly, nurturing environment that encourages all students to achieve their best, and to shine.

Suzanne White

I can not recommended Dance 2XS enough. My three children (2 boys and a girl) attend tumbling classes, and really look forward to coming each week. The classes are fun and informative, with attention to detail. The instructors are all lovely a genuinely care about each child building a great relationship with each one. I love that through this fun and energetic class the instructors are able to improve the children’s strength, skill and best of all attitude, with a focus of respect and love for others.

Katrina Schaper


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