Miss Tia

Assistant Teacher


Miss Tia has been a cheerleader and dancer since she was able to walk and talk. Being able to dance is a remedy for life, and expressing emotion through movement is genuinely an amazing experience for Miss Tia. She enjoys performing in front of a wide audience and showing off her ability and enthusiasm for cheer and dance.

Miss Tia has been a Dance 2XS student for about 13 years! Dance 2XS has genuinely changed her life and supported her through many challenging times. She considers all of her friends and dancing teachers to be family. Miss Tia began competitive cheer and dance in 2017 and quickly fell in love with the thrill of competing and performing. She has competed in many more competitions and has won several awards, with more to come. Miss Tia is still a member of the ‘Black Star’ Senior Dance Team!

Miss Tia has been assisting in classes since 2021 and enjoys being with children. She aspired to be a kindergarten teacher when she was younger, so being surrounded by children is a dream of hers. Miss Tia enjoys seeing her students achieve and have fun in class while also teaching them new skills. She enjoys passing on her cheer and dance knowledge in the hopes that the students may develop an even further interest in cheer and dance in the future, like she has.

In Miss Tia’s free time she loves to have fun at the beach or relax with friends.