Miss Sari

Tumble, Cheer & Dance Teacher


Miss Sari started gymnastics at the age of 3, training at Barron Valley and Cairns City Gymnastics from early 2000’s to 2010.

In her teen years she developed a passion for cheerleading training until the age of 17 as a level 3 cheerleader specialising in flying and tumbling. With her cheer team based at Cairns State High School, they took home 2 national titles along with internationals and winning a bid to Hong Kong.

During this time Sari was also performing for the Marlins basket ball team, dancing and tumbling during their timeouts.

As the years have gone on, Sari has stayed active, maintaining her tumbling skills and practicing at any opportunity regularly going to the gym and taking on Muay Thai in between her work life. She now hopes to pass on some of her skills and knowledge to the students at Dance 2XS