Miss Renee

Aerial Silks Teacher


Miss Renee fell in love with Aerial Silks 8 years ago and doesn’t miss an opportunity to get some air time. She loves the performance side of aerial art and creating dance pieces in the air.

Her background is yoga and has been practicing for 20 years. Her favourite form is Lyengar. She loves to challenge herself and is always trying new forms of expression. Her most recent passion is Samba dancing!

Renee loves working with children of all ages and seeing their skill set develop on the silks. From assisting them to active their core strength to teaching them advanced sequences on the silks, Miss Renee loves assisting her students to create their own aerial style.

Renee is constantly enhancing her own aerial skill set and follows the Aerial Physique curriculum of aerial silks training.

meditating, learning way to improve herself and going to the beach.