Miss Hanna

Tumble & Cheer Coach


Dance 2XS has been a second home for Miss Hanna since she found her love for Cheerleading when she was 8 years old. She started with cheerleading and then progressed to learn and love tumbling and dance too.

In 2017, she started competitive cheerleading and fell in love with the amazing sport, competing in the Dance 2XS senior cheerleading team “Infinity Elite” over the past few years. She has been to many competitions both regional and interstate even coming home as a National Champion after competing at AASCF Nationals in 2019.

Miss Hanna started teaching at Dance 2XS in 2019. She loves spending time with children and passing on her knowledge on cheerleading and tumbling to her students. Miss Hanna has learnt so much at Dance 2XS as a student over the last 10 years and believes that she can pass everything she has learnt onto her amazing students. She is super excited to be teaching tumbling and competitive cheer this year!