Tumbling Coach Miss Mel

Miss Mel

Cheer, Dance & Tumble Coach


Miss Mel has always loved dance, she started dance and calisthenics at the age of 6 and continues to dance into her 20’s as she started a dance school of her own for fun. She attended an AASCF Winterfest Competition in Geelong in 2012 and instantly fell in love with the sport. She began to learn everything she could about the sport, as she started to learn about the tumbling side of the sport this lead her to becoming a gymnastics coach. Mel then brought cheerleading to the gymnastics club she was teaching at as the head coach.

Mel has a Bachelor of Arts in Performance Studies, is an accredited AASCF Level 4 Cheer Coach, an Intermediate WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics) coach and also a Remedial Massage Therapist. With her training, knowledge and 30+yrs of teaching experience she has so much to teach all of our Dance 2XS Students.

Being able to teach is Mel’s passion. She joined our Dance 2XS team in 2020 and loves teaching to help build children and young adults’ skills not only technically for the task but to build their understanding of life skills, resilience, self-discipline, compassion, kindness, confidence and positive attitude through dance, cheer and tumbling is what she adores. To know that she can help students work through block and help them believe in themselves and for this to flow through every part of life is incredible.

Miss Mel loves going to Zumba, hanging out with her family, meditating, learning way to improve herself and going to the beach.